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A jövőbeni terveink kifejezésénél, vagy ha éppen jósolni akarunk valamit, ezzel a gyakori szerkezettel tudjuk a legegyszerűbben kifejezni. Nézzük, hogy használjuk, és pontosan milyen esetekben.

We use 'going to' when we want to talk about a plan for the future - akkor használjuk, ha tervekről beszélünk.
  • I'm going to see him later today.
  • They're going to launch it next month.
  • We're going to have lunch first.
  • She's going to see what she can do.
  • I'm not going to talk for very long.
Notice that this plan does not have to be for the near future - nem csak a közeli jövőre vonatkozik.
  • When I retire I'm going to go back to Barbados to live.
  • In ten years time, I'm going to be boss of my own successful company.
We use 'going to' when we want to make a prediction based on evidence we can see now - jóslatokat mondhatunk egy már látható jelre alapozva.
  • Look out! That cup is going to fall off.
  • Look at those black clouds. It's going to rain soon.
  • These figures are really bad. We're going to make a loss.
  • You look very tired. You're going to need to stop soon.
We can replace 'going to go' by 'going' - ha a go igével állna, akkor a " be + going" kifejezést használjuk (folyamatos jelenidő).
  • I'm going out later.
  • She's going to the exhibition tomorrow.

by: Szigetfalvi Andi

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