Animal idiomes ~ ANGOL Szókincs

A tegnapi állatos témánkhoz kapcsolódva nézzünk a mai bejegyzésben néhány hasznos idiómát, középszinten!
A bejegyzéshez kapcsolódik egy középfokú szókincs-fejlesztő, komplett tananyag az Angol Feladattrában: Adopt a dog címmel,  itt - ha van bérleted, azonnal el is tudod érni. (Ha még nincs, itt tudsz utánanézni, hogy mi is ez..)

Chicken out: to decide not to do something out of fear (usually just before)
Example: I was going to ride the rollercoaster, but I chickened out when I saw how fast it went.

Hold your horses! - wait and be patient
Example: Hold your horses! I’ll be finished in the bathroom in a minute.

Raining cats and dogs: raining heavily
Example: I forgot my umbrella, and it was raining cats and dogs.

In the dog house: in trouble with another person.
Example: I don’t think Sonia is coming out tonight. She’s still in the dog house for forgetting Jeremy’s birthday.

Kill two birds with one stone: get two things done at once.
Example: If you pick the groceries up when you drop Kevin off for his shift, you will kill two birds with one stone.

A nest egg: money saved for the future
Example: We have a nest egg that we might use when Jim retires.

Pig out
: eat a lot of something.
Example: I pigged out on pancakes for breakfast so I don’t have room for lunch.

Rat race: fierce, competitive struggle for power, position, etc.
Example: I’m ready to leave this rat race and retire!

Smell a rat: begin to suspect trickery etc.
Example: The detective smelled a rat when the brakes of his car were cut.

Fishy: odd, suspicious
Example: I knew something fishy was going on when I saw all of my friends’ cars in my mom’s driveway.

by: Szigetfalvi Andi
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