Flower Carnival in Debrecen ~ ANGOL Nyelvvizsga

The Debrecen Flower Festival is the best-known cultural event in Debrecen and also one of the biggest in Hungary. In the past years, it has expanded into a week-long extravaganza of entertainment. It has earned both domestic and international renown for the past four decades. The event won the Prize of Excellence in the category of special festivals in 2009. This is the most popular touristic attraction of our town, attracting performers as well as guests from practically all corners of the world.

2011 is a uniquely special year in Debrecen’s history. It was 650 years ago, in 1361, that King Louis Anjou (the Great) granted the rank of market town to our settlement, including the right to run its own apparatus of judiciary and local government. This prominent anniversary will definitely stand out in the series of scheduled events.
Further special features will also add extra flavour to the festival. Each day of this week will be marked with the name of a species of flowers.
This year’s festival will also bid farewell to the old Nagyerdei Stadion [verbatim: Stadium in the Big Forest], whose complete renovation will commence afterwards. So, pick your choice from a great variety of programs in the streets of Debrecen between August 15 and 21, when extraordinary performances and shows by Hungarian artists will guarantee a great atmosphere, so that each and all can truly enjoy the festivities.

best-known – jól ismert, híres
one of the biggest – az egyik legnagyobb
international renown – nemzetközi hírnév/renomé
extra flavour – különleges zamat
extraordinary performances – rendkívüli előadások

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by: Szigetfalvi Andi
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