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British royal Catherine Middleton has been named ‘Hat Person of the Year’ by the California-based Headwear Association. The Duchess of York is the third winner of this prestigious award for haute couture for the head. 
She won a whopping 91 per cent of the votes to be unanimously declared the winner. Singers Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, and actor Charlie Sheen were among the runners-up – each with one per cent of the vote or less. The duchess had a very special year in which there were many occasions to show off her hats. She married Britain’s Prince William in April and then went on a succession of public appearances and royal tours – most requiring headware.

The duchess has brought about a revival in the hat industry. In Britain, wearing a formal hat has long been going out of fashion. A baseball cap is the most likely thing a woman might wear on her head. It seems Kate’s taste in hats has inspired many American women to once again don one. Fashion expert Jenny Pfanenstiel said: “Kate has allowed American women to…feel more comfortable and confident about wearing hats in public.” This has raised the profile of many established and up-and-coming hat designers. This is not the first award Kate has picked up since marrying into royalty. Her 2011 titles include Queen of the High Street, Best-Mannered Person, and Hair Icon.


winner of this prestigious award
a köztiszteletben álló díj nyertese
haute couture
francia szó a vezető divatházakra és termékeikre
whopping 91 per cent of the votes
a szavazatok meggyőző, 91 %-a
among the runners-up
a befutók között
public appearances
nyilvános megjelenések
revival in the hat industry
a kalapipar feléledése
to go out of fashion
kimenni a divatból
award Kate has picked up
díj, amire Kate szert tett

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