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Egy érdekes sztori Chaplin-ről :) A fontos kifejezések kiemelve, alkoss velük mondatokat, foglald össze a szöveget! A magyar megfelelőket és plusz  feladatokat megoldással a Feladattárban találsz.
A szöveget meg tudod hallgatni itt.

New information shows that the British government spied on silent comedy star Charlie Chaplin. America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) asked Britain’s spy service MI5 to look into Chaplin’s background. The USA believed the English comedian was a communist. This was at the time of the Cold War when relations between America and the Soviet Union were very icy. The FBI wanted MI5 to help it get Chaplin banned from visiting or living in the USA.
Charlie Chaplin could not produce his birth certificate. This made the FBI think he was some kind of spy. They suggested his real name was Israel Thornstein and that he was born in France. The Bureau also said Chaplin made donations to the American Communist Party. MI5 found no evidence that either of these things were true. Despite this, the USA asked Chaplin to leave the country in 1953. He lived in Switzerland instead, where he died in 1977 at the age of 88.

by: Szigetfalvi Andi

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