Smoking ~ ANGOL nyelvvizsga téma

Általános beszélgetésekben, és a nyelvvizsgákon is felmerülhet a dohányzás és a leszokás kérdése.
Nézzünk egy cikket hasznos szókinccsel a témáról angolul, középfokú szinten!

Stopping cigarette smoking has become a big problem for all governments.

Yet, current information campaigns are failing as worldwide use increases faster than the population. Totally banning cigarette smoking so far has been unsuccessful in all countries. An alternative approach includes either the prohibition of smoking in the workplace and public buildings or the strict limitation of smoking to specified areas.

A movement may be the greatest success of the information campaign against tobacco. Its leaders insist that despite the continued sale, advertising, and use of tobacco,
nonsmokers have every right not to be exposed to the carcinogens, carbon monoxide, and irritants in tobacco smoke.

Such a campaign can have three important effects.
First, by banning the use of tobacco from places where nonsmokers would be exposed, thousands of lives may be saved.

Second, forcing smokers to give up their habit while in the presence of nonsmokers will provide them with an added force to quit. If smokers must get through working days without smoking, then they are more likely to be able to quit completely.

And third, by stigmatizing tobacco use as dangerous and antisocial, the campaign for nonsmokers’ rights can accomplish a goal of all anti-smoking information campaigns: to make smoking socially unattractive.

Do you agree with this idea? Why? Why not?

has become a big problem - nagy problémává vált
governments - kormányok
are failing - kudarcot vall
increases - növekedik
banning - tilalom
alternative approach - alternatív megközelítés
prohibition - betiltás
strict limitation - szigorú korlátozás
movement - mozgalom
insist - bizonygat, kiáll vmi mellett
despite - eltekintve vmitől
not to be exposed to - nem kitéve lenni (pl. veszélynek)
effects - hatások
give up their habit - fealdni egy szokást
in the presence of  - vki jelenlétében

by: Szigetfalvi Andi

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