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Wedding in Britain

The groom and best man arrive at the church first, and then the guests arrive. Last to arrive is the bride, normally dressed in a long white wedding dress with a train (material from the dress that covers the floor behind her), her face covered in a veil, carrying a bouquet of flowers, and accompanied by a couple of bridesmaids in matching dresses. Usually the bride's father walks her down the aisle until they reach the priest at the altar. The church organ plays the Wedding March, and the guests rise to their feet to watch the procession. Once they reach the altar, the bride stands with the groom, and the service begins. The priest always asks if there are any objections to the marriage (someone can speak or forever hold their peace = never have the opportunity again to object), and at the end of the service, the couple exchange rings and are proclaimed "man and wife". At that point, the groom is allowed to kiss his wife. The guests leave and the couple then sign the marriage register. When they come out of the church, the guests often throw confetti our rice, and the photographer takes various formal photographs.
Next in the big day is the reception, which is often a formal lunch in a hotel. After lunch there are various speeches. The bride's father normally gives a speech, then the best man gives a speech (which is often a funny speech designed to embarrass the groom), and the bridegroom and / or the bride give a short speech to thank their guests. Some couples also arrange an evening reception, and hire a disco or band to play music for their friends.
At the end of the day, the happy couple traditionally leave on honeymoon.

wedding dress with a train - menyasszonyi ruha uszállyal
veil - fátyol
bouquet of flowers - csokor
priest  - pap
Wedding March - nászinduló
service - szertartás
if there are any objections to the marriage - ha van bármi akadálya a házasságnak
exchange rings - gyűrűt cserélnek
sign the marriage register - aláírják a házassági oklevelet
throw confetti our rice - konfettit, vagy rizst szórnak
reception - fogadás
speech - beszéd

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