Basic Vocabulary: at the doctor ~ ANGOL Szókincs

To see the doctor / G.P
  • To be as fit as a fiddle = to feel quite well
  • To be out of sorts = to feel seedy

If you have a cold / flu, then you
  • have a running nose,
  • have bad caugh,
  • sneeze a lot,
  • have temperature
  • feel an ache in sw.
  • have headache

Doctor can:
  • say: What's the matter with you?
  • diagnose an illness
  • prescribe a treatment
  • give medicine
  • put sy on the sick-list

If you have accident you can:

  • call ambulance
  • be delivered to hospital
  • operated by a surgeon
  • to be treated in hospitlal
  • break legs/arm/ankle
  • have concussion
  • don’t remember the detailes

Dentist can:
  • drill and stop a cavity,
  • pull out
  • extract a tooth

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