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Women Lie About Their Shopping Habits

Survey shows this is only becoming worse in recession

Women are known to tell the occasional white lie especially when asked directly about the price of acertain item that they just happen to have purchased. That is to say, for some reason or another, women feel the need to hide their shopping habits from their partners, either by lying about the price or denying a shopping spree altogether. As per the Daily Mail, it’s only getting worse.

A survey conducted by women’s magazine Marie Claire on 1,500 British ladies with a propensity for excessive shopping has revealed that recession has failed to curb their spending habits. What the economical downturn did manage to do though was to make them (the women) more savvy in terms of lying to their partners about how much they spend. That is to say, instead of spending less, when the going gets tough, women choose to lie more about how much they spend.

“Most women admit telling the odd white lie to their other halves to hide the true cost of their shopping trips. But it seems the credit crunch is encouraging the habit. Embarrassed about splashing out, half of working women questioned for a survey admitted lying to their husband or partner about how much money they spend on themselves,” the Mail writes based on the findings of the survey.

“Forty per cent said they had bought clothes or beauty products which they had kept secret from their other halves. And 80 per cent of the new clothes, shoes and handbags bought were kept secret. Researchers commissioned by Marie Claire magazine questioned 1,500 women aged 20 and 40,” the publication goes on to say.

According to Marie Claire editor-in-chief Trish Halpin, what has changed was women’s idea of how much it is acceptable to lie. Until recession hit, they would deliberately hide something from (or lie to) their partner only on special occasions, like when splurging on a fabulous pair of shoes or a designer bag. Now, women have made a habit of spending money on stuff they don’t necessarily need and then lying about it, Halpin believes.


white lie
vezet, levezet, igazgat
kimutatott, felfedezett
economical downturn
gazdasági romlás
US, megért, felfog / sütnivaló
instead of
vmi helyett
US, válságos pillanat, döntő helyzet
bátorító, ösztönző
embarrassed about
zavarba jött valamitől
according to
vki szerint

by: Szigetfalvi Andi
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