Könyvajánlás: Learn more, study less

Nagyon hasznos, gyakorlatias, tanulástechnikát oktató könyv, angol nyelven - sokkal hatékonyabbá teheted a tanulási folyamatot!

What will you be able to do with the book?

1. Understand how learning is supposed to work with the holistic learning strategy.
2. Identify your weaknesses along the 6 Stages of Holistic Learning--and get specific tools to improve them.
3. Learn the key studying habits to learn more in less time. Give yourself more time for starting a business, being with family or just having fun!
4. Be able to classify information into the 5 different formats--and know exactly what strategy to use for each.
5. Implement the steps necessary to make any subject fascinate you, so studying doesn''''t need to bore you to death.
6. Learn techniques such as speed reading, active reading and flow-based notetaking to understand information more quickly.
7. Learn the 3 core holistic learning methods that allow you to "get" any subject.
8. Discover how to "peg" or "compress" information to cut down study time, even on the densest courses.
9. Get the tools to educate yourself, so you can still learn quickly without expensive tutors and courses.
10. Find out how to get access to university courses--for free!
11. Adapt the techniques to fit your particular learning style.
12. Use bonus material print-outs to easily practice the new techniques.

The book is over 200 pages, easily readable on the computer screen with full-color pictures to make the book both informative and interesting. Along with the book, you will receive six bonus printout forms that enable to you to easily practice the methods in the book
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