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Mit és mikor esznek az angolok? Ebben a cikkben összeszedtük a legfontosabb infókat, szókincslistával. Nyelvvizsga téma, alapfokon, középfokon egyaránt. Nyelvtanulási tipp: olvasd el a szöveget, majd foglald össze angolul!


The traditional English breakfast is a very big meal – sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, but nowadays many people just have cereal with milk and sugar or toast with marmalade, jam or honey. Marmalade and jam are not the same. Marmalade is made from oranges and jam from other fruit.

The traditional breakfast drink is tea which people have with cold milk. Some people have coffee, often instant coffee which is made with just hot water.

For many people lunch is a quick meal. In cities there’re a lot of sandwich bars where office workers can choose the kind of bread they want – brown, white or a roll – and then all sorts of salad and meat or fish to go in the sandwich. Pubs often serve good, cheap food, both hot and cold. School children can have a hot meal at school but many just take a snack from home – a sandwich, a drink, some fruit, and perhaps some crisps.

Afternoon Tea means two things. It’s a drink and a meal. Some people have afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches. Cream teas are popular. You have scones (a kind of cake) with cream and jam. To have afternoon tea is a traditional enlgish custom, people could come together to talk at tea time (at 5 pm).

The evening meal, the dinner, is the main meal of the day. They have it quite early, between six and eight and often the whole family eats together.

On Sundays many families have a traditional lunch. They have roast meat, either beef, lamb, chicken or pork with potatoes, vegetables and gravy. (Gravy is a sauce made from the meat juices.)

The British like food from other countries, too, especially Italian, French, Chinese and Indian. People often get take-away meals – you buy the food at the restaurant and then bring it home to eat. Eating in Britain is quite international.

sausage - kolbász
mushroom - gomba
cereal - gabonapehely
marmalade - lekvár
choose - választani
custom - szokás
come together - összejönni
quite early - elég korán
take a snack - uzsonnát vinni
roast meat - sült hús
beef - marhahús
lamb - bárány
pork  - sertéshús
take-away meals - elvitelre készült étel

by: Szigetfalvi Andi

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