Sights in Budapest ~ ANGOL Nyelvvizsga kérdés

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. There are many beautiful buildings and important Hungarian landmarks spread around Budapest that tourists are always advised to bring a camera. Many monuments lie next to the River Danube and celebrate the city's past, providing a clear insight into days gone by.

Some landmarks to look out for in Budapest include
  • the Citadella (Citadel) on Gellért Hill, the riverside, 
  • Fisherman's Bastion 
  • the Old City Walls, which once completely surrounded the historic city of Pest and were built as a somewhat unsuccessful defensive barrier. 
  • Also of interest to many is the Roman theatre of Aquincum, the former name for Budapest, 
  • and the simply magnificent Hungarian Parliament Building, which dominates the Pest side of the city.
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by: Szigetfalvi Andi

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