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Some experts think that dreams are full of symbolic messages that mean something which is deep inside us. Here are a few popular dreams and how you could interpret them:

  • Being naked in public - In a dream we sometimes realize that we are completely naked. This may mean that there is something to hide.
  • Falling - Almost everyone has experienced falling from a place high up. Then suddenly they wake up. This may mean that something is out of control and you cannot stop it. It also may mean that you have failed in something that you have done, like your work or at school.
  • Being chased - Many people dream of someone chasing them, a very frightening dream. It symbolizes running away from problems that you may have.
  • Flying  - Flying dreams often mean that you are in control of things. You are very strong-willed and can observe everything. It is often a symbol of having success.

By: Szigetfalvi Andi

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