Hallásértés: Drugs ~ ANGOL Nyelvvizsga kérdés

Egy véleményt hallhatsz a drogok használatáról. Van hozzá hanganyag is, egészítsd ki a cikket ez alapján! Itt találod a hanganyagot.

Drugs are becoming ______________________ in many societies. When I was growing up, you ______________________ about drugs. Now, they’re everywhere. Children in schools are smoking marijuana ______________________ harder drugs. There were many kids at my school who smoked. Nicotine was the most serious drug ______________________ . Today’s kids ______________________ access to all kinds of drugs. I don’t know what the government should ______________________ . Some countries have legalized drugs like marijuana, but others ______________________ a ______________________ even the smallest amount. You can even go to prison for ______________________ , tiny bit. Governments need to do something before society ______________________ a real mess. I’m not sure what the solution is.
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